Bahama Strongbark or Strongback
Bourreria succulenta

Bahama Strongbark

Bahama strongbark is native to the Florida Keys and West Indies. This is a fine shrub or small tree for instant curb appeal.

The half inch, white, fragrant flowers are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies and the half inch orange fruit are eaten by local birds.

The branches of Bahama strongbark droop like a weeping willow and are dense. You can keep this plant at eight feet in height or let it grow to 15 feet or more.

Bahama strongbark is tolerant of mild cold weather, drought and salt. Do not plant north of Palm Beach County due to the cold.

Use with low ground covers like beach creeper and coontie and wildflowers including dune sunflower, twinflower, red salvia and beach verbena. Bahama strongbark can be clipped to a six foot or more tall mass along the edge of a hammock planting to bring in many butterflies during the day and moths at night.