Callicarpa americana

Beauty Berry

Beautyberry is one of our most drought tolerant shrubs that provides colorful fruit for most of the year.

It is naturally found on the back of dunes, in scrub, pinelands and oak hammocks.  Beautyberry will tolerate moderate shade to full sun and average soil.

In North Florida these plants are killed to the ground by frost, yet come up as multiple canes in the spring.  Cut them to the ground in February  to mimic this and they will be low and full.

Combine with wild coffee and marlberry under an oak or with saw palmetto, horizontal cocoplum, coral bean, coontie, beach creeper, sand cordgrass and myrsine around a group of slash pines.

The berries are not poisonous, yet not tasty either.  They provide moisture to birds in the dry part of spring. Rub the leaves in your palm and apply the juices to your arms and legs for an insect repellant.