Blazing Star or Slender Gayfeather
Liatris gracilis

Bazing Star

The blazing star Liatris gracilis is found nearly throughout Florida. Also known as slender gayfeather, it is a real treat to come across during a walk in the woods in late summer to fall.

Slender gayfeather is usually found in pine flatwoods and can tolerate short periods of flooding. It is hard to match the other scrub (very dry soil) adapted blazing stars with our moist, often irrigated urban soils without the roots rotting. This species has proven itself the best in average gardens.

A slight amount of moisture in the soil is best for this blazing star although irrigation is not usually needed. The spikes of purple blooms shoot up to two or more feet tall in the late summer and last for several weeks. The plant will die back to the enlarged root and disappear for the winter. Look for grassy foliage in the spring and mulch around it.

Since this is a clumping plant, it can be mixed with other clumping or low wildflowers or grasses.

Try mixing with mimosa, beach verbena, blackeye susan, salvia, love grass, rattlesnake master, wild petunia, twinflower, lopsided indian grass, silky aster and Florida spiderlily.