Buccaneer Palm
Pseudophoenix sargentii

Buccaneer Palm

Buccaneer palm, which is also called Sargent’s Cherry Palm, was almost eaten to extinction when the hearts were collected for food years ago. It is only found wild on Long Key and Elliot key although it is being reintroduced to other areas of its natural range and is fairly common in cultivation.

Moderate salt air and short periods of storm surge flooding are tolerated. Buccaneer palm is very drought tolerant. Rich, dry soil and full sun are needed for best growth.

The silvery foliage and trunk and bright orange fruit make this an outstanding addition to the landscape. Buccaneer palm does well in narrow spaces due to its slow growth and leaves that point upward and stay close to the plant.

We have planted ours over the septic drain field along with other key palms and sea lavender. Buccaneer palm or Sargent’s cherry palm belongs in the front yard where it will bring positive comments.