Crimson Dicliptera
Dicliptera assurgens

Sixangle Foldwing

Crimson dicliptera is also called sixangle foldwing. This member of the shrimp plant family is found abundantly in the Keys and occasionally in hammocks from South Florida to Central Florida.

Crimson dicliptera is salt, shade and drought tolerant. Most plants will die in the winter, yet many seedlings will sprout in the spring. It may be necessary to pull some now and then.

If you live near the upper Keys or in the Miami area, the Cuban crescent butterfly may come and lay her eggs on this plant. Hummingbirds visit the flowers and painted buntings will feed on the developing seeds. This is a pleasure to watch in the spring.

Although it may become too abundant at times, this is a good wildlife attractor and with a bit of control, is an attractive addition to the garden. It tends to die back in the summer making control less necessary.