Dahoon Holly
Ilex cassine

Dahoon Holly

Although dahoon holly is drought tolerant once established, this 30 foot or more tree, which can be kept as a shrub, likes rich, moist soil along the edge of wetlands or lakes.

The berries of dahoon holly ripen in September and remain until December. They are not poisonous or tasty.  Many birds and animals eat the fruit which can start out yellow and end up red as in this picture.

Since this plant is dioecious, you will need to plant several in order to assure getting a male and female and thus berries.
Plant inland in rich acid soil with a combination of other wetland species.  These may include: cypress, red maple, cocoplum, virginia willow, carolina willow, pond apple, swamp redbay, slash pine, laurel oak, sweet bay, swamp fern,prairie iris and bloodroot. In fact, one of my favorites is a grove of dahoon holly spaced three to 15 feet apart with swamp fern as a groundcover. The tall white trunks are magical.