Florida Spiderlily
Hymenocallis tridentata

Florida Spiderlily

Florida spiderlily is found occasionally in wetlands of South Florida. The clumping masses of leafy bulbs are 18 inches tall and equally wide. Compared to the similar alligator lily, which has only one bulb and one stalk with a single flower, this plant has up to three flowers per stalk and several stalks per clump.

For moist or wet inland soils, this is a great choice to mix with other wetland species. The more commonly used spiderlily, Hymenocallis latifolia is native to the dunes of South and Central Florida and likes dry soil conditions.

Florida Spiderlily can be used as a mass or to provide a surprise of white flowers within a wetland mix. It can tolerate dry soils too along a roadside or lake edge.

Mix with duck potato, mimosa, American crinum lily, canna lily, prairie iris and pickerelweed. Plant under pond apple, buttonbush, virginia willow, wax myrtle or swamp dogwood. Short term flooding is tolerated. Not tolerant of salt wind or water.