Hybrid Verbena
Glandularia maritima x tampensis

Hybrid verbena

Although hybrid verbena looks a lot like the endangered native beach verbena, it has characteristics of both its parents. The native beach verbena has purple flowers, stays low and likes rich dry soil. The native Tampa verbena has pink flowers, is upright and grows in moist organic soil.

Put the two together and you have a sprawling plant with pinkish purple flowers that grows in average soil.

This is a fast grower that won’t come up from seed. It lasts for one year and makes a great ground cover. Butterflies like it and it holds its own with other spreading plants.

Hybrid verbena can be planted with dune sunflower or mixed with salvia, horsemint, gaillardia, blue curls, masses of love grass, yellowtop, and low shrubs. Give it two to three feet of space from the other plants and at least six feet from dune sunflower.

Each year we have a new form of this hybrid which is started from seed to avoid viruses that find there way into older plants.