Jacquemontia or Skyblue Clustervine
Jacquemontia pentanthos

Skyblue Clustervine

Skyblue Clustervine is a perennial native vine that is found along roadsides and open sunny spaces throughout the Florida Keys. The leaves are two inches long and the flowers are 3/4 inches wide.

Average dry to occasionally moist soil and light shade to full sun are preferred. It grows well in Palm Beach County, and survives near freezing temperatures.

Although it may look a bit weedy when not in bloom, sky blue clustervine makes up for this when the hundreds of blue, or sometimes pink flowers appear toward fall. Grow on a fence, trellis, mailbox post or as a ground cover.

Mix with man in the ground, wild allamanda, corky passionvine, coral honeysuckle and other vines. The blue and pink color variations look great together.

Don’t plant too close to the coast or tip burn will occur.