Jamaica Caper
Capparis cynophallophora

Jamaica Caper

Jamaica caper is a native to coastal hardwood hammocks in full sun or partial to moderate shade.

Deep, dry, fertile soil without clay or too much shell rock is preferred. This plant has a taproot and will rarely wilt once established.

The three inch pink, wispy flowers are followed by eight inch long  pods that look like silver string beans.  These ripen in August and September and open to reveal a bright orange pulp that covers the row of BB sized seeds.

Jamaica caper makes a great specimen tree up to 30 feet tall and half that wide or an impressive mass planting if kept at least six feet tall.  Jamaica caper looks good as a hedge if fertilized or grown in rich soil.

Great for birds yet not tasty for humans.  Try mixing with wild coffee, marlberry, beautyberry, stoppers and other coastal themed plants.  Jamaica caper’s narrow growth makes it ideal for use in narrow spaces.