Jaquinia keyensis


Joewood is a very slow growing shrub or small tree of the Florida Keys. It grows from four to 10 feet tall in a round shape with interesting twisted branches.

The flowers are very fragrant in creamy masses and occur during the summer. These are followed by pea sized yellow or orange red berries that are important wildlife food.

Joewood naturally occurs in the zone between the mangroves and hammock in the Florida Keys and is tolerant of salt air, short periods of salt water flooding and sandy or calcium rich soil.

Joewood grows well in Palm Beach County with a little organic matter in the soil and full sun. The bark is mottled white and the shape is like a bonsia. This tree must be placed where it will be noticed. Mix with any of the native thatch palms, quail berry, coontie, lignum vitae, rocks, or just gravel or mulch. Let it stand out and not be hidden by other material.

The growth is slow so give it good fertilizer, lots of sun and a rich organic soil and joewood will become one of your most prized specimens.