Love grass
Eragrostis elliottii


Lovegrass is a low grass of moist pinelands and other habitats including long leaf pine forest, that can tolerate short periods of flooding as well as several months of drought.

Lovegrass looks great planted around slash pine or as a mass along a moist roadside. The light blue foliage and soft seedheads give a billowy look and provide a great background to other plants.

Since it is only a foot tall, it can be mixed with other clump forming wildflowers or grasses. The seed stalks break off and blow about like tumbleweeds so remove them when this starts or they will blow down the street into all of your neighbors’ yards. Or don’t, maybe your neighbors will grow to like them growing along their roadsides.

Expect it to live from one to several years, especially if the seedlings are cared for.