Ardisia escallonioides


Marlberry is a tall, columnar shrub found in Central and South Florida in maritime hammocks, inland forests and on dunes.  It can take full sun or deep shade, moist soil or dry and short term flooding.

Use marlberry as a privacy screen or as a tall, free standing specimen.  The flowers smell sweet and fruity, yet are not overpowering.

Suckers will come up from the roots and fill in a hedge.  The pea sized black berries are produced in the spring and several other times of the year.  They are edible and you may like the sweet astringent taste but don’t chew the seed.

This is a high quality shrub that can be pruned back once a year to keep it less than six feet tall or left to grow naturally.

Catbirds love the berries, several can be found in the area of a fruiting marlberry.