Pineland acacia
Acacia pinetorum

Pineland Acacia

Pineland acacia is naturally found in the Homestead area and Big Pine Key growing in calcareous soils with low amounts of organic matter. It will grow throughout Palm Beach County in average sandy soil and withstands prolonged drought once established. Pineland acacia needs protection from salt air and will not tolerate salt water flooding.

The spring flowers are very fragrant and smell like french perfume. Plant near a porch or window for a real spring treat.

The straight one inch thorns on this three to six foot sprawling shrub are a good barrier to intruders although not dangerous like wild lime. It will need some pruning to keep it low, or it can be limbed up to make a small twelve foot tree that can be walked under. The three inch long pods are interesting, although not a big wildlife food source. This is a larval host of the nickerbean blue which is found in the Florida keys.

Add pineland acacia to a Keys or rockland theme. Mix with slash pine, joewood, lignum vitae, the Key palms, coontie, cacti, beach creeper, native wild sage, bloodberry, rhacoma, little bluestem grass and other bunching grasses or wildflowers.