Pineland privet
forestiera pinetorum

Pineland Privet

Pineland privet is native to the rocklands of Dade County and everglades park, this is a very drought tolerant plant that grows well thru Palm Beach County.

Plants are male and female with the male producing masses of flowers almost every month. These small white fragrant flowers attract many butterflies and bees.  The bush will buzz when in bloom yet bees rarely sting when busy collecting nectar.

The female flowers produce half inch long black fruit in early spring and late summer when the birds need them the most.  These are not tasty though.

Use as a clipped hedge or a fluffy mass up to ten feet tall.  The leaves drop briefly in the spring while the plant is flowering.

If galling is noticed, cut off the twig below the gall with a clean tool and dip the tool in a ten percent chlorine solution between cuts.