Prairie Iris, Blue Flag Iris
Iris hexagona

Prairie Iris

Prairie iris is found growing in rich soil throughout Florida. It may also be called blue flag iris, Iris virginica, but this tends to be in Northern Florida.  Cow pastures and areas rich in phosphorus along the west coast will often have beautiful masses of these four inch wide blue flowers from March thru June.

The one inch thick rhizomes spread and branch and create a mat of roots that hold the soil together along lake edges. Prairie iris can be planted to fill ugly water detention pits and the center of wet roadside ditches.

The soil should be moist, yet three weeks of high water can drown this plant if it covers it.  Better to kill some grass and plant in it’s place than to risk deep flooding along our man made lakes.  All aquatics should be planted at or above the grass line.  They will travel down to the water on their own.

You may need to add some fertilizer and keep out torpedo grass and other weeds.