Prickly Poppy
Argemone albiflora

Prickly Poppy

There is also a yellow flowered Argemone mexicana which is native to tropical America and possibly the United States. Both forms are annuals.

The white form is native from Central and North Florida to North Carolina and Texas. It grows in waste places and roadsides, yet is not common.

The plant is toxic to livestock and humans and is prickly; use caution around children.

This is a very drought tolerant plant that attracts pollinators. It can be used to add an interesting texture to a wildflower garden. Although it doesn’t spread by runners, it can be a bit aggressive from seed.

Mix with salvia, cacti, agave, porterweed, goatweed, horsemint, rosinweed, mimosa, lippia, lovegrass and other wildflowers of dry places.