Seaside goldenrod
Solidago sempervirens var. sempervirens

Seaside Goldenrod

This plant was found on the coast of Brevard County, although it usually occurs from Canada to Virginia.  The tall flower stalks can reach eight feet and the leaves make a compact clump.

It blooms in November and the stalks can be kept shorter and branched by cutting them to the ground in September. They will grow back and bloom by Novermber.   Any dry soil will do. This mixes well with other seaside plants, especially Spiderwort.

There is a smaller variety, ” mexicana” found from southern New York to Florida and west to Texas. This blooms in October and other times of the year and has smaller leaves and a three foot flower stalk.

This variety, “mexicana” makes a nice low clump that may be three or more feet in diameter.

Both blend well with pine trees, spartina grass, seaside mallow, spiderwort, ironweed, sea oxeye daisy, beach verbena and red salvia.