Spotted Beebalm
Monarda punctata

spotted beebalm

The flowers with their bracts, which appear in whorls around the upper stems, are light to deep purple. The smell and taste of the leaves are like spearmint. These can be used fresh or dried in tea or to flavor foods.

This native wildflower is naturally found along the East and Gulf coasts of Central and North Florida north of Lake Okeechobee.

It may live more than one year but usually returns each year from seed. Flowering is from mid summer to late fall and is spectacular in a mass.

This is a clumping plant that holds its own with salvia, blue curls, partridge pea, beach verbena, sea oats, spiderlily and seaside goldenrod.

It is a surprise to see where spotted beebalm, also known as southern beebalm or horsemint, will appear each year. Just leave some open space in the garden for this and other self seeders to come up in each year.

Different bees and other pollinators, although not many butterflies, will visit the flowers while seed eating birds will feed on the seeds and seed eating insects..