Starry Rosinweed
Silphium asteriscus

starry rosinweed

Starry rosinweed or silphium is native to the dry sandhills of western Central Florida and the Panhandle. Starry rosinweed is drought tolerant once established and is long lived. Five years or more can be expected with a little care. Water during persistent drought and fertilize if needed.

All butterfly gardens must have this, top of the list, nectar producing plant. The leaves become old and the plant takes on a tired look for a couple of cold winter months, yet grows back quickly and flowers from spring thru fall.

Siphium mixes well with silk grass, purple coneflower, salvia, horsemint, blue curls, blazingstar, mimosa, deertongue, pineland dropseed, love grass, pineland petunia, melanthera, scrub goldenrod and beach verbena.