Sunshine mimosa
Mimosa strigillosa

sunshine mimosa

Found in Central and North Florida across to Texas in both wet and very dry sites.  This native plant will tolerate extremely dry soil such as the dunes of St. Augustine during a drought as well as wet soils along river flood plains.  All it needs are full sun and slightly fertile soil.

The leaves rise only two inches while the flower stalk is three inches tall.  The one inch round pink flower heads make this a beautiful ground cover in the spring and summer, especially when mixed with coreopsis.

Leaf nodes are one to three inches apart and send down a taproot which anchors the plant. It will not climb, yet may need to be cut back if it crawls too much across a walkway.

Can be walked and driven on and makes a great grass replacement.  It is also a larval food plant for the Little Yellow butterfly.

Will not out compete other plants so mix this with non spreading wildflowers or make an edge planting along a drive or walkway to hold the soil and mulch.