Swamp Rose
Rosa Palustris

swamp rose

If you haven’t smelled a rose recently, try inhaling the rich fragrance of one of these native flowers. They have not had the fragrance bred out of them like so many garden roses have.

Found along rivers and swamps from Central Florida north, this plant grows into a thicket that is impossible to walk through. The canes may reach up to 20 feet tall if they have something to lean on. Otherwise they are six to 10 feet tall before arching down and continuing on.

This makes a great mass planting in a corner of the yard with moist to average soil. Once established it can tolerate drought. Along the edge of a cypress swamp or pond, mix this with buttonbush, Virginia willow, giant leather fern, swamp fern, giant sword fern, pond apple, wild coffee, cocoplum, marlberry, elderberry, firebush, wax myrtle, and wetland wildflowers.

The fruit are eaten by birds and the petals make a colorful addition to a salad.